Tips for Online Business Success

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Over the past 5 yrs of Internet Marketing and learning the ropes of making money online I’ve come across several tips or techniques that once you start using can increase your daily progress, increase productivity and make huge improvements on your success rates.

Here is a short list of the top 5 tips for improving your success online-

1. Check emails at 2 or 3 EXACT times a day and no other time. Plan the same time frame each day and STICK TO IT! (This includes smartphones)

2. FOCUS on just ONE item or direction at a time. It just is not possible to have 4-5 things or tasks running at exactly the same time, none will get done properly.

3. SET TIME for your projects. Put yourself on a schedule in which you dedicate that EXACT time for whatever project you’re working on. Use a time management app, scheduler, alarm clock or a partner to keep you within your time restraints

4. TAKE ACTION. You’ll NEVER get anywhere if all you do is buy products or continue reading and learning. Dive in with both feet, attack it with 110% of your efforts and give it all you have for a set time. That means you may make mistakes, but that’s the BEST way to learn.

5. GET RID OF NEGATIVITY. Surround yourself with positive thinkers remove the naysayers from your environment. Often our failure revolves around the energy or people around us. If you find someone/something is slowing you down, then get away from it.

Quick and dirty but straight to the point. Keep these in mind each waking day and I am positive that your success will improve dramatically.

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