Post Panda-Penquin SEO that Works!

Lazy Google Dominator- New Warrior Forum Special Offer

Search Engine Optimization -  SEOI was fortunate to have been offered a “eval” copy of Avarindh’s “Lazy Google Dominator” report even though I had fully intended to buy it anyway. That gave me the chance to go thru the report feverishly over the past 12 hrs and provide this feedback.

Going over it first in a preview mode and then later on in the evening with a much finer eye, I’ve seen the power of what he is talking about. I had tried on at least 7 occasions to create niche sites that would provide a small monthly profit and using the latest greatest “google backdoor/slick trick/3 click system… believe me… they don’t work. Most of the stuff that I purchased was either based on last year’s techniques, some pre-Panda/Penquin tricks and/or used and abused grey hat side doors that just were not practical or plausible in today’s niche marketing landscape.

Other than two graphic placements errors and one spot where a paragraph of text was repeated in different words lower down the page, I found the report well written, full of facts (yes I researched and checked his results and current standings of his case study) and quality information. The simple fact that he is proving that you CAN rank and rank well for what were once believed to be “junk” status domains like .info and .biz should be of great interest to all of us. Bargain basement domains now are capable of becoming profitable real estate online.

When I checked his example case study website and found to my utter disbelief that even with a PR0 it was on the 1st page for 2 VERY competitive phrases (one 2 word, the other a 3 word phrase)… well he had my attention!!

I went thru the entire 45pg document (twice) and here are a few more important details:

  • It is a complete case study, nothing is left for us to guess at or imagine in the ranking of the site
  • It is broken down into Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and forward process for the initial portion
  • There is a step by step plan of just how he accomplished getting 3 main keywords in a tough niche with high competition to rank on page 1, complete with the tools he used, what plugins he used, how best to use the keywords (placement, format, etc.), where he got his outsourcing, etc.
  • He lists of 8 “unbreakable” rules that he says are absolutely necessary to rank now
  • There are links to several YouTube videos where he walks thru the onsite SEO processes
  • He explains the importance, use and type of backlinks to make use of, where to find them and what to do with them.
  • He even tells you which Fiverr & Warrior people he used and gives links to their gigs.

It’s my guess that it is what backlinks he uses and how he used them that really made the major difference in his results, even though the way his articles are written and used would definitely matter.

It REALLY is complete and comprehensive and even though he does not spell it out for EVERY niche you can think of, it is explained in a way that you can take the info and apply it to whatever niche you feel is appropriate and you should see some success.

  1. NOTE 1: If you look at the case study site you will notice that his primary & secondary keyword phrases are underlined or bolded or used as internal page anchor links but the reasoning or practice of this is not explained in the case study. Also no reason was given for the misspelling of the .info domain name (extra “t” in diet).
  2. NOTE 2: There are costs that he explains thoroughly (Fiverr, Warrior jobs, article writing, etc.) but IMHO they are all reasonable costs (do you know any biz where you don’t need to invest any money in to build it in the first place??) and completely necessary.
  3. NOTE 3: There is no monetization on the case study site. I was disappointed to not see how he planned to monetize the site or what he was using for monetization and there was no talk about what profits he was seeing from similar sites.